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World Maritime Day 2021

seafarer in orange boilersuit gazing out at sea

It’s World Maritime Day 2021 and we focus on the invaluable services of nearly two million seafarers who dedicate their lives to world trade.  Seafarers are the core of shipping’s future.  Let’s recognize and support all seafarers for the invaluable role they play now and will continue to play in the future.

The Seafarers have faced unprecedented hardship due to the COVID pandemic, despite their vital role as key workers for global supply chains.  The COVID pandemic has placed extraordinary demands on seafarers, with hundreds of thousands of men and women stranded on ships for months beyond their original contracts, unable to be repatriated due to national travel restrictions. A similar number of seafarers were unable to join ships and earn a living. This crew change crisis  is a humanitarian emergency that threatens the safety of shipping.

So let’s urge governments and stakeholders across the maritime industry to collaborate and to bring practical solutions to ensure a fair future for our seafarers.

Seafarers are keyworkers and they have our utmost respect!

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