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Seafarer Malta Social Security

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Seafarers serving on board Malta flagged vessels which are EU/EEA or Swiss citizens or resident are eligible to be insured in Malta for social security purposes.

Upon enrolling into Malta’s social security system, the seafarer may be provided with :

  • A1 certificate – verifying the seafarer’s enrolment in Malta and granting the seafarer access to social benefits in Malta.
  • S1 certificate which covers the seafarer’s access to health care in his or her country of residence.
  • European Health Insurance card (EHIC) – holders are covered for medical expenses when visiting other European countries for stays not exceeding three months.

The above-mentioned certificates will be valid for the length of the seafarer’s employment contract. In the case of employment contracts with an indefinite duration, these would typically be requested annually.

It is not  permissible for seafarers to enrol in and pay for social security on their own; instead, this must be done through an entity or an individual acting as the employer. The contributions will then be paid by the employer through Malta’s Final Settlement System directly to the Authority in Malta.

Social security payments include both an employer and employee share of contribution, with the employer required to pay the entire amount to the Authority and the employer having the option of recovering the employee’s share of contribution through a salary deduction. Malta’s social security rates are presently capped at Euro 51.60 per week for both the employer and employee share, paid on a monthly basis, and determined by the number of Mondays in the month.  Moreover, the employer share also includes Euro 1.55 per week for the MLF (Maternity Leave Fund).

Benefits of Malta’s social security system

  • Full compliance under EU Regulation 883/2004.
  • Seafarer entitlement to employment benefits and pensions in Malta.
  • Seafarer coverage in country of residence.
  • Seafarer entitlement to a European Health insurance card (EHIC) including dependents and wife (if not working).
  • Lower social security contributions payable compared to other Member States.
  • Straight forward enrolment system.

AML Services

  • Payroll services depending on Owner’s requirements.
  • Enrolling seafarer under Malta’s social security system.
  • Calculation and payment of monthly social security contributions for employer and seafarer.
  • Provision of A1 certificates, S1 certificates and EHIC cards.
  • Statement of seafarer’s yearly contributions paid for personal tax declarations.

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