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Malta Flag : A Flag of Excellence

Wavy Malta Flag on top of light blue sea background

Malta’s strategic location in the heart of the Mediterranean has made it a hub for maritime activity for centuries. Today, the Malta Flag is one of the most recognized flags in the shipping industry, and it has earned a reputation as a flag of quality for vessels worldwide.

The Malta Flag’s quality reputation in shipping is attributed to Malta’s robust maritime infrastructure, stringent safety regulations, and an efficient registration process promoting safety, security and environmental protection. Vessel Owners choose to register their ships under the Maltese flag because it offers a reliable and secure environment for their operations.

The Malta Flag signifies adherence to international standards, safety, and a commitment to the environment and is a Flag State that listens to the needs of Owners.  It comes therefore as no surprise that Malta has one of the largest ship registries in the world, ranking top in Europe.

The Malta Flag State, along with its partners, ensures that vessels registered under the Maltese Flag meet rigorous safety standards, undergo regular inspections, and are operated by skilled professionals. This commitment to excellence,  has made Malta a preferred choice for shipowners and operators globally, enhancing the Flag’s reputation for quality.

AML has assisted numerous Ship Owners in registering their vessels under the Malta Flag.  The commitment we make extends not just to the registration process but also to the entire time the vessel is flying the Malta Flag.  Our team of experts are available at any time, day  or night to support Owners and Managers with anything they may need.

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