Merchant Shipping Technical Notices


Technical Notice MARPOL.15 – Exemption of Unmanned Non-Self-Propelled (UNSP) Barges from Survey and Certification Requirements
Released 11/06/2024

Technical Notice IRO. 7 – Remote Inspection Techniques
Released 02/04/2024

Technical Notice MARPOL.14 – Interim Guidance on the Use of Biofuels Under Regulations 26, 27 and 28
of MARPOL Annex VI (DCS and CII)

Released 23/10/2023

Technical Notice MARPOL.11 Rev.1 – Electronic Record Books & Electronic Bunker Delivery Notes for
MARPOL Related Recorded Keeping

Released 08/08/2023

Technical Notice SLS.38 Rev. 1 – IGPS Rollover TT-3026X 
Released 28/04/2023

Technical Notice SLS.38 – IGPS Rollover TT-3026X 
Released 25/04/2023

Technical Notice SLS.10 Rev. 3 – International Ship and Port Facility Security Code
Released 17/04/2023

Technical Notice MARPOL.12 Rev.1 – Vessels operating on Biofuels, Synthetic Fuels and Blends thereof
Released 17/03/2023

Technical Notice SLS.37 – Liferafts with extended servicing intervals
Released 17/03/2023

Technical Notice SLS.36 – International Code Of Safety for Ships Carrying Industrial Personnel (IP Code)
Released 17/03/2023

Technical Notice MARPOL. 13 – A unified interpretation aimed at reducing NOx emissions – Engine family concept 
Released 11/07/2022

Technical Notice MARPOL. 12 – Vessels Operating on Biofuels and Blends thereof
Released 11/07/2022

Technical Notice SLS.35 – GPS Week Number Rollover for JRC equipment
Released 04/05/2022

Technical Notice BWM.4 – Unified Interpretation Relating to the International Ballast Water Management Convention
Released 18/03/2022

Technical Notice SLS.34 – Maritime Cyber Risk Management
Released 30/12/2020

Technical Notice SLS. 10 Rev.2 – International Ship and Port Facility Security Code
Released 29/10/2020

Technical Notice SLS. 10 Rev 2 Annex 1 – Notification of Company Security Officer Form
Released 29/10/2020

Technical Notice SLS. 10 Rev 2 Annex 2 – Notification of Deputy Alternate Company Security Officer Form
Released 29/10/2020

Technical Notice MARPOL 11 – Electronic Record Books for MARPOL related record keeping
Released 28/09/2020

Technical Notice BWM.3 – Entry into force of the Ballast Water Management Code
Released 16/09/2020

Technical Notice SLS 5 Rev 2 – Fire and Abandon Ship Drills
Released 21/05/2020

Technical Notice SLS.2 Rev 2 – Periodic servicing of lifeboats, liferafts and rescue boats, launching appliances and release gear
Released 18/03/2020

Technical Notice MARPOL. 10 – Guidance on new regulations on sulphur content of fuel oil
Released 08/01/2020

Technical Notice MARPOL. 9 – Reporting obligations related to Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS) malfunctions
Released 04/11/2019

Technical Notice BWM.2 – Ballast Water Management Plan Contingency Measures
Released 07/08/2019

Technical Notice SLS. 30 Rev 1. – NEW Fire Control Plan Graphical Symbols
Released 24/01/2019

Technical Notice MARPOL. 8 – Preparing for the Implementation of the 2020 Sulphur Limit
Released 08/01/2019