Port Husbandry and Outside Port Limits Launch Services

AML-Atlantis Maritime Agency Ltd provides all types of husbandry services to ships offshore Malta as well as inshore services to ships operating in local waters, outside port limits and all commercial and recreational ports of Malta.

From conveyance services that include crew changes, delivery of supplies, provisions and spares, to maintenance and repair services, we can provide a vast array of professional launch services even at short notice.

Services we provide inside our ports and offshore

  • Crew changes including Customs and Immigration formalities
  • Spares clearance and delivery
  • Cargo sampling by worldwide approved Surveyors
  • Drug and Alcohol Tests conducted on-board by professional medical personnel
  • Ship to Ship Mooring Masters
  • Ship to Ship fendering / de-fendering operations
  • Ship to Ship Quantity and Quality Surveying
  • Life-raft repairs and services
  • Life Saving Appliances repairs and services
  • Fire Fighting Equipment repairs and services
  • Lifeboats annual and Five yearly inspections
  • Fire Fighting Equipment and Installations inspections
  • Embarkation and disembarkation armed security guards
  • In water hull cleaning including propellers and rudders
  • In water hull Surveys and inspections
  • Diving services
  • Supplies/provisions
  • Tranship VISAS for joining crew members
  • Fresh water delivery (both Technical and potable water)
  • Repairs and steel work (approved by various Classification Societies)
  • Transportation of cargo additives IBC’s & Drums
  • Lube oil transport in drums/bulk
  • Lay by berths
  • Transportation of surveyors/technicians and company technical personnel
  • Bunkering of various grades of fuels
  • Slop / sludge disposals
  • Medical visa arrangements and hospital visitations
  • Magnetic Compass Adjustments
  • GMDSS equipment annual performance tests
  • Internal auditing and inspections in ISM, ISPS, MLC and Quality Management Systems by dedicated experienced Master Mariners
  • Garbage disposal (Including garbage considered as DG)
  • Electrical Engineers for repairs
  • Arrangements of marine surveys including on/off hire surveys
  • P&I surveys as required
  • Cash to Master Services
  • Vessel’s Spares Custom clearance and delivery
  • On-board Training for crew including but not limited to:
    • Oil Pollution Prevention and Response
    • ISM Systems
    • Ship Security
    • MLC
  • Inspection and replenishment of ship’s hospital stores and supplies
  • Ship Sanitation and Control Certificates and inspection
  • Fumigation of cargoes
  • Fumigation of accommodation spaces
  • Cleaning gangs
  • Inspections for tank cleaning
  • COVID19 PCR Tests and Results (New)

Bunker Supply

At AML-Atlantis Maritime Agency Ltd we can provide full services of bunkering requirements offshore of Malta and in the port of Valletta and Marsaxlokk.

Our local knowledge within the maritime industry are unrivalled, enabling us to offer the most cost-effective and timely services available, with a dedicated team who have vast experience in the bunkering sector ensuring smooth and seamless bunker agency operations.

We pass on continuous updates at every stage of the bunkering process to ensure that you are kept aware of important information, and we offer an immediate response to any enquiry to ensure your mind is at rest to enable you to focus on the task at hand.

During bunker delivery, our dedicated team work together with you to ensure an efficient operation, with a continual communication link to ensure both parties are aware of every aspect of the process.

Services we provide inside our ports and offshore

  • All grades of marine fuel Oils
  • Quantity Bunker surveyors
  • Delivery of Bunker/Lube Oil Samples
  • Dispatch of Bunker/Lube Oil Samples via couriers
  • Local Bunker fuels quality testing
  • Supply of Booms and SOPEP Equipment materials
  • Technical advice for the ship’s crew

Port Calls

Acting as the local representative of the principal, we provide local knowledge and expertise and ensure that the vessel’s requirements are performed with the utmost efficiency and despatch. Accordingly, AML  is fully conversant with all the appropriate regulations and requirements relating to the ports we offer services in, our dedicated team have a wide range of relevant contacts and are sufficiently well established and founded to be able to cater for all the vessel’s needs.

Services we provide inside our ports

  • Berth reservations
  • Pilotage (if required)
  • Tug boats both inbound and outbound
  • Security personnel
  • Immigration and Custom clearance both inbound and outbound
  • Mooring and rope handling arrangements
  • Port dues
  • Excursions and Shore leave arrangements
  • Any assistance required by the Master

Dry-Docking and Repairs

Pre-planning is a vital part of the maintenance and repair procedure, which is why we will always acquire all necessary information prior to any ship repair task, thus ensuring that all essential equipment, locations and expertise are available and ready to carry out the required work.

Our local expertise and contacts in the ship repair industry means that repairs can be carried out offshore, or in Malta shipyards or yacht yards. That means we can provide maintenance and ship repair services to virtually any vessel at a convenient and suitable location.

Our experienced team consist of Master Mariners and Engineers which can supervise as well as coordinate the repairs quickly and efficiently, maximising safety and work rate during the task.

During this time, we can arrange for crew changes, hotel accommodation, garbage collection and clearance, cash to Master, air ticketing, excursion services and Daily required Service amongst others.

Services we provide inside our ports

  • Developing and implementing a dry-docking plan to meet the vessel’s and/or yacht’s needs
  • Coordinating with manufacturers and/or suppliers of parts needed for repairs
  • Coordinating all facets of the repair process
  • Monitoring and reporting back on the repair process to ensure that quality and safety objectives are met in line with international standards and client’s instructions
  • Coordinating class/appointed surveyors to obtain the necessary certifications and approvals
  • Providing all required services to ship & yacht owners whilst vessel is in dry docking process

For more information contact agency@amlmalta.com

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